About us

Environmentally Responsible

CreateLab has complied with the Eco-Action 21 established by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment since 2007. We are actively engaged in sustainability initiatives to become a greener company that is both environmentally and socially responsible.

Various efforts have been made at our headquarters to reduce environmental damage such as the Cool Biz and Warm Biz dress campaigns, both of which promote the reduction of air conditioning use. We also turn the lights off during lunch breaks, go paperless when possible, and separate trash for recycling. CreateLab believes that the small actions taken on by each employee can accumulate into a larger impact towards environmental sustainability.

We also launched a fallow land utilization project called the Kofu Project in April 2012 as our biodiversity conservation initiative. We refurbished an old Japanese style house located in a mountain village 2 hours away from central Tokyo. We named the house Obina Sansou (Obina lodge) and its surrounding area Oorai-no-Sato (the village where people come and go). Internal training sessions are held there from time to time. It is our sanctuary where employees can spend time in nature, cultivate plants and vegetables, interact with the neighboring community, and appreciate the efforts needed to preserve the environment.

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