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Risk Management

We believe that the keys to successful security initiatives are to be aware of any real or potential risks to the company, employees, and our clients and to routinely implement security measures to ensure peace of mind. In addition, CreateLab applies the ISO standard Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) to address a broad range of known risk factors.

CreateLab is in the business of collecting and managing data on a daily basis; therefore, company-wide security initiatives needed to be strengthened consistently. In order to minimize human error, security initiatives have been made standard to ensure all employees comply with them. We believe the blanket company-wide nature of these measures prevents security incidents. A spotless record establishes confidence with our clients, protects the company and its employees, and ensures a stress-free work environment. We believe special security measures should be the norm, not an extra tedium to be deployed in times of desperation.

Furthermore, in addition to adhering to the BCMS, CreateLab has taken the further step of reorganizing the Information Security Committee into the Risk Committee, which holds regular monthly meetings to discuss various issues, including our business continuity plan. Key decisions made at the meetings are immediately implemented by the staff in the field. Recent global incidents have made us keenly aware that to be better prepared for times of force majeure, we must develop security measures simulating wide-area disasters and strive to collaborate more with our clients to keep everyone better informed.

CreateLab continues to promote corporate social responsibility by enhancing the stability of business operations including security initiatives, and adhering to the philosophy that “a company is a public entity of society.”

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